Here are some commonly asked questions about plusplus's capabilities, operations and other details.

What data is collected and what do you do with it?

This app is run for fun and not for profit. Accordingly, while we can gaurantee that we'll never sell or otherwise commercialize your data, we don't really have the robust security measures in place that you'd expect from a service that you pay for. When you invite the bot into a channel in your Slack group, every single message in that channel will be sent to our service. Unfortunately there's no filter that can be applied upstream of our service in the Slack API... it is kind of a firehose situation. Our backend looks to see if there's anything relevant to plusplus in each message, does a thing (increment, display leaderboard, etc.) if there is, and then discards the message. You can see the relevant bit of code here. Aside from point totals, we also store your slack team domain and team ID. Our privacy policy can be viewed here.

Haven't I seen this app before under a different name?

Probably. We first ran into this sort of thing as part of Hubot. Then in the Slack chat bot boom it was packaged as a centralized service under the now defunct plusplus.chat. Then a self-hosted, open-source JavaScript version was made here. When plusplus.chat went under a python version was resurrected as pluspl.us. When pluspl.us shut down we forked it and stood it up here at plusplus.fun.

What operations are supported right now?

++, --. and == (plus, minus, and equals) are supported for both people and things. Additionally, @plusplus leaderboard and @plusplus loserboard is also supported to get the local high and low scores.

How do I find the things or users with the most points?

Just type @plusplus leaderboard and the top 10 users and things will be displayed.

How do I find the things or users with the least points?

Just type @plusplus loserboard and the bottom 10 users and things will be displayed.

Is there a shortcut to see the instructions within Slack?

Yup! Type @plusplus help in your Slack channel or in a private message to the bot and the it will send a list of commands back.

Is there a way to delete my team's data from you servers or alter the data?

Send an email to [email protected] and we'll work something out.

Is this app open-source?

It is! You can find the source for plusplus on GitHub here.